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AGmotors is a company specialized in repair, maintenance and trading of spare parts of BMW, LAND ROVER & MINI COOPER.
Situated in the national street Shijak – Durres (Xhafzotaj) this company offers a perfect service, competitive prices and a high BMW quality.
Equipped with a qualified technical and professional staff with over 25 years of work experience, we assure  you an excellent performance of your car.

” You decide for your car the first time . . . then . . . your car will bring you to us.”



                                AGmotors – Durres, Xhafzotaj



                                  AGmotors – Tetove, Maqedoni


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Over 25 years in the Albanian market and in the region, AGmotors is the leading company offering specialized service for BMW, Land Rover, Mini Cooper.

A company that has started out because of its owner’s concern, and today it is back to a strategic point for everyone who wants the car’s maximum.

This company offers services in some specialized departments such as motor services, generic services, electronics services, general vehicle intakes, convergence services, and cargo services. Through which is guaranteed every process where the cars will pass through this service. The latest innovation is the automatic cambridge department, which offers specialized service for its repair on all vehicles.

The company has worked in two directions: 1. are trained very well in Western countries, 2. on the spare parts, for which we make direct supplies from large German and Italian companies, with a 2 year warranty. this is the difference that this company has, because saying the guarantee is a big word and that’s just us.

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